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Hi, I hope you are well. Thank you for checking out my blog.
The reason I started writing was to express myself with written word as I struggle to do so verbally at times.

I have struggled with my mental health for large parts of my life. Writing and my faith have helped me greatly in recent years. A lot of my poetry is my own experiences, battling with mental health issues. Therapy and faith have helped me rise out of some dark chasms leading to my now successes of love and family. I must admit an understanding woman does help a great deal.
The first time it entered this disorder head of mine to even associate myself with the word ‘writer’ was around the end of summer 2013 when this lovely Irish lady simply told me that I was.
Though with reflection I guess it goes back further than that. I now know it to be the first Thursday of October 2005 (national poetry day).
I was stood on the thick metal pipes flicking pieces of hard crumbling bread to the rats out of a small crack from the plastic window as if standing beside the park lake feeding ducks with my mum, all those years ago. I hadn’t hit despair although I was in bewilderment of how I was going to get myself through this next chapter in my life. I clearly remember holding back tears even though I was alone. Keeping strong or sending myself insane one of the two for sure.
The bread flicking came to an end. I looked around the cold lifeless concrete shell only to find a packet of cheap rolling tobacco and a note pad and pencil, it was a small blank paper pad that came along with an extra piece of paper with thick black horizontal lines used to put behind the blank paper to keep your sentences nice and straight. I was reminded of my Nan as she had the same pad and I had doodled on it as a child.
I remembered a poem I wrote in school and decided that I would literally write this next chapter of my life away.
It was definitely national poetry day as the man on the radio kept telling me so, sharing the occasional poem on air and one stood out to me about a snail. I found it amusing that my life had so many comparisons with this damn snail and it inspired me to write a poem of my new life I read it from time to time and it now makes me smile I expect with relief more than pride.
I kept writing for a few years even attending creative writing classes but over the last few years family life has kept me busy, however Covid-19 has us all on lock down leaving us all frustrated and with much time on our hands so here we are….
I hope people enjoy my poems or even moved by them. It would truly be a blessing if someone was comforted and reassured if suffering.

As the the apostle Paul said ‘We also glory in our sufferings, because we know suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character, hope.

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