Is a hug a gift from God?

Is a hug a gift from God?
a squeeze can brighten
the most darkest of day, 
for a warm embrace, who
doesn't wish to stay?
Is a hug a gift from God?
cuddles the heart does treasure,
in receiving, oh what a pleasure.
Is a hug a gift from God?
it's an act never to be 
taken lightly,
infact, clasp, clasp tightly. 
Is a hug a gift from God?
they visit wholehearted,
not half, never quarter.
A hug must be a gift from God,
as I am in heaven, when its 
snuggies with my daughter. 

Let thee rhyme (through ADHD)

Indulge in the mystery 
grasp the suspense, 
set sail in the search 
hail the pretense.

Jump hop and spring,
like a harmonic choir 
let thee sing.

Where is the time 
that waits for no one,
lying quiescent,
if so, what from?

Plié, twist and dance,
like a tunnel of love 
let thee romance.

We will meet in the after,
and once again 
bathe in the past laughter.

Yours, theirs and also mine, 
like a poetical lunatic
let thee rhyme. 


I’m Free

My reality,
I submit onto the spirit
as feelings form into tears
with each tear I taste
I realise again
faith is sufficient.

It's difficult to accept
nothing of this world matters
flesh will more
than condemn
and hope slides
seeming all to to be lost.

His blood again
has cleansed me
spirit lead me
where I need to stand
raindrops become
my rhythm
this world can
keep its merry band.

Through his painful attacks
my arms
reached out in praise
I need not
a silver cloud
nor even the wings
of an angel
to remind me
who I serve
to know whom
is my Lord.

He was flogged
and tortured
carried his cross
His blood shed for me
I’m not imprisoned
by guilt
but through his love
like the truth
I'm free.


Red apple treat (temptation)

Like the addict there's a craving, 
appetite for the need.
Fantasies thriving, 
irritation for greed.

Summon a resistant, 
so stunning too weak.
Redolence, sweet,
oh to taste the 
red apple treat. 

Call on divinity, 
interrogate the same faith,
inside demand, so unsafe.

Whirlwinds, wisp a whisper,
of a needing inducing sin, 
ferocious, the conflict within.  

Remembering ( before lock up )

Feels like I've been 
here so long,
so I strain to think back
to when things weren't so wrong.

But all I see is my hands 
cuffed in a sweatbox, 
so I strive even harder,
trying to forget about locks. 

No! I'm in a cold court cell,
and like a scared snail,
I retreat alone into my shell.

Still thinking endeavouring 
to remember, but all I can see
is a man in a wig,
dictating my future and 
how I am going to live.

'Stand up! Sit down!'
Fixed on thinking is 
causing me to frown.

And then, I remember
the girls! the beach! the sun!
back in the days 
when it was fun.

Attempting to stay in this 
memory, until this time has past,
getting there can't
come too fast. 

Angels Of Mercy (NHS)

The enemy came raging, 
waging war on us all.
with no defence, 
for us they did not stall. 

Destroying from inside, 
our cells as it's host,
in their bravery 
we heard no boast. 

Angels of mercy 
we are grateful for your grit,
the nations indebted, 
you make each proud to be a Brit. 

In this conflict 
you are our frontline,
the countries very best 
at this critical time. 

We were hit with force ,
 so stay in,
 so they can stay on course. 

Do your bit 
whilst they go the extra yard,
they will soon be doted 
but for now they strike hard.

Please equip them properly 
with every piece, 
so they can smash us to victory 
like stokes is at the crease.  


Keeping Faith

I am unsure why when 
I am alone in this cell,
I start to dwell on 
heaven and hell.

Much I have lost within 
these four walls,
lost, gone. 
Insignificant to all.

Wanting right now as 
my mind is dense,
In this hole, 
this hole of belligerence. 

Salvation from above 
can it really rescue me,
before my soul drowns
 in this adversity. 

The ringing of despair 
cannons of every wall,
with night after night 
of solitude
I get so dazed 
and confused with it all.

However my heart
knows there is more,
So I turn to the cross, 
and the mercy of God 
I do pray for.

So on this perilous path 
however unsafe,
I will drip away this stone 
I will always keep faith. 

Feather of Paradise

Through the window
and next to me,
graciously landing  
a flawless white feather, 
like on the morning
of her funeral, 
with the same strength 
forcing me to pause, 
calmly, needing no applause.

those armies he built 
are falling,
pirouettes in the breeze,
there all along
even when I was crawling.

Alas a resistance
of a campaign of struggle 
spoken was the truth, 
verity, an end.
Brings a platitude of power,
like poems for a friend. 

I was close to death, 
but those closer, 
a messenger of God, 
even Michael 
much more than a carer. 
Remembering prayers of trust,
not tainted with why, 
Nazareth be nigh!

High into the mystic I soar, 
attend and hear 
observe and behold, 
digest the trumpets 
and wait for Gabriel, 
pronouncing durability 
into the unstable.

I drop, arms stretched
into the smoke that thunders, 
soaked in love 
I resurface 
with the skulls of kings, 
I have faith in the one He sent, 
and I accept 
what this feather 
of paradise brings. 

Like an angel

Like an angel, i need you today
to roll this stone away.
My heart pumps love like its fair,
whilst my head doesn't seem to care.
Christopher said 'our view of this 
world is like a mirror reflecting one's soul'
well, in a deep wishing well.
I'm the poem and the pen, 
to feel more intensely than most
spirits and men. 
I'm on fire, so is the nation
as i write away a need 
in this place of creation. 

These nights with you

I would cut down to hear 
your laugh just one more time,
have not just fading memories 
drowning in this bottle of wine. 
I miss you more than i ever 
could've thought,
I wish it didn't ache
and your life wasn't cut so short.
I reflect as children, 
in the past i love to flirt
I'll forever have these nights with you,
no matter how much they hurt. 

I feel a change

As caterpillar to butterfly  
I feel a change coming.
I surmise to bask in victory
as the Indian lotus springs to life.
Blowing in the wind, carrying excitement
surfing on the sea change of optimism
like the woman at the well i feel it's dynamite.
I smell it in the petrichor dabbing myself dry
after a thousand years i'm ready,
ignite the nest. i'll be rising 
from these flames.