A deep herd of uncontrollable wild, galloping white-maned monsters. Stampeding ruthlessly through smashing, damaging and consuming structures of man. Ragefully and merclesley crashing with great might. Frizzling paled threight boulders not slowing but speeding installing fear, into the heart of mankind. Powerful pearly mountain waves gracefully destroying. Destroying the illusion we are greater than Him?

The harbour

They take one last stroll around the harbour, with many thoughts clogging both their minds. They remain silent with tightly grasp hands, so tight the diamond from the ring he bought her begins to painfully pierce his finger, but he daren’t loosen his grip, he never wants to let her go. They look out pastContinue reading “The harbour”

Angels Of Mercy (NHS)

The enemy came raging, waging war on us all. with no defence, for us they did not stall. Destroying from inside, our cells as it’s host, in their bravery we heard no boast. Angels of mercy we are grateful for your grit, the nations indebted, you make each proud to be a Brit. In thisContinue reading “Angels Of Mercy (NHS)”

Keeping Faith

I am unsure why when I am alone in this cell, I start to dwell on heaven and hell. Much I have lost within these four walls, lost, gone. Insignificant to all. Wanting right now as my mind is dense, In this hole, this hole of belligerence. Salvation from above can it really rescue me,Continue reading “Keeping Faith”

Thoughts in my old mans truck. (Sophie)

We lent my old mans truck, filled that monster up and headed southwest across the border. In wellington wet walks your face shone a smile. With red wine and firelight I know a part of heaven my eyes have seen. Raindrops on the ifor ping, in Swallow falls I am aware love is strong, andContinue reading “Thoughts in my old mans truck. (Sophie)”