I’m Free

My reality, I submit onto the spirit as feelings form into tears with each tear I taste I realize again faith is sufficient. It’s difficult to accept matters of this world flesh will more than condemn hope slides seeming all to to be lost. His blood again has cleansed me spirit lead me where IContinue reading “I’m Free”

The feast of St,George

Never to recant, his faith in the Lord, advanced gifted with the sword. Soldier of the Christ fought courageously in belief, compelled evil to hell as angels roared in raw relief. Onwards to the realm, converging from afar with Godly squall and brush of helm. Under his pennon they forge, chanting ‘Jerusalem’ for the feastContinue reading “The feast of St,George”

Keeping Faith

I am unsure why when I am alone in this cell, I start to dwell on heaven and hell. Much I have lost within these four walls, lost, gone. Insignificant to all. Wanting right now as my mind is dense, In this hole, this hole of belligerence. Salvation from above can it really rescue me,Continue reading “Keeping Faith”

Feather of Paradise

Through the window and next to me, graciously landing a flawless white feather, like on the morning of her funeral, with the same strength forcing me to pause, calmly, needing no applause. Reassurance, those armies he built are falling, pirouettes in the breeze, there all along even when I was crawling. Alas a resistance ofContinue reading “Feather of Paradise”