A Daddy’s daughter

A God made love. I remember the day vividly, when she asked me to remove the stabilisers from her pretty pink bicycle, with wick basket and handle bar tassels to match. “I’m too big for these now.” She said very certainly. So self critical and upset each time she fell crying what a silly littleContinue reading “A Daddy’s daughter”

He is love

Suffered in His love for our sin, overwhelmed in my acknowledgement, I embrace my gift and win. A relationship for offer, personal and true. Reestablished by the spirit when inside He flew. Son of man at the core anoint in the rainfall of life a sacrifice so pure, Grace so kind. love. Heart soul andContinue reading “He is love”

Is a hug a gift from God?

Is a hug a gift from God? a squeeze can brighten the most darkest of day, for a warm embrace, who doesn’t wish to stay? Is a hug a gift from God? cuddles the heart does treasure, in receiving, oh what a pleasure. Is a hug a gift from God? it’s an act never toContinue reading “Is a hug a gift from God?”

I’m Free

My reality, I submit onto the spirit as feelings form into tears with each tear I taste I realize again faith is sufficient. It’s difficult to accept matters of this world flesh will more than condemn hope slides seeming all to to be lost. His blood again has cleansed me spirit lead me where IContinue reading “I’m Free”

Feather of Paradise

Through the window and next to me, graciously landing a flawless white feather, like on the morning of her funeral, with the same strength forcing me to pause, calmly, needing no applause. Reassurance, those armies he built are falling, pirouettes in the breeze, there all along even when I was crawling. Alas a resistance ofContinue reading “Feather of Paradise”