BOOK RELEASED on Amazon As the title may suggest this is my journey, a pathway from chaos to order told through poetry.  It’s an exciting, affecting, and meaningful story.  An interesting read for anyone to enjoy. I also believe it has the power to encourage anyone who is trying to find their place in theContinue reading “ON SALE NOW ON AMAZON”

Seeing Death

Last one goes in, goes down crippled, keeled, floor pressing hard against my double crown. Dizzy, dazed feeling out for the door struggling, curled out on the floor. Sweat, tears, body’s being bled, gagging, chocking only bloods being shed. I shut my stinging eyes to deaths smile, it’s attacking from inside agony it’s vile. NeedingContinue reading “Seeing Death”

Social distance

I sit back and laze peacefully listening to Dylan, swiverling on my comfy chair. I close my eyes and life is fair. I open to a gap in the blinds sun beaming through, I see dust floating, delicate like you. I care not for anything, a break in the music and the mood takes aContinue reading “Social distance”

Ill fated energy

In the aroma of a lilac scented garden, a manic majestic wonder explodes. In the choirs chorus I leap over sanities threshold. Dancing with spirits, they permit to this safety of euphoria. Though an ill fated energy, conflicted in dysphoria. Toxic venom of pain, coursing to the brain. The demon’s curse, glossed over by anContinue reading “Ill fated energy”

Prepare for war

No rage to destroy, no pain on the heart to crush, futile his skills with pen and brush. Does the spirit forsake? The comfort to hear riches to see, still destitute he be. No tears, no laughs no screams and no prayers, no energy in the trigger finger to let of the call flares, rainContinue reading “Prepare for war”

Let thee rhyme (through ADHD)

Indulge in the mystery grasp the suspense, set sail in the search hail the pretense. Jump hop and spring, like a harmonic choir let thee sing. Where is the time that waits for no one, lying quiescent, if so, what from? Plié, twist and dance, like a tunnel of love let thee romance. We willContinue reading “Let thee rhyme (through ADHD)”

I will cry

I will cry, until my tears overflow the rivers and become lost to the seas. I will cry, until the deserts thirst is quenched and raindrops drip life onto the barren. I will cry, until the angles pluck a melody onto my poetic chords and carry me home to rest. Alone, I cry and likeContinue reading “I will cry”