He is love

Suffered in His love for our sin, overwhelmed in my acknowledgement, I embrace my gift and win. A relationship for offer, personal and true. Re-established by the spirit when inside He flew. Son of man at the core anoint in the rainfall of life a sacrifice so pure, Grace so kind. love, heart, soul, andContinue reading “He is love”

My Old Friend

Winter became more than whispers from the white tipped leaves, as the coldness from the metal imobilised his hands. I watch his body stiffen as an icey gale attacks and condems, like an unjust judge. I see through his eyes that his pain runs deeper and more painfull than the elements. And like these darkContinue reading “My Old Friend”

I Knew It To Be True

The wonderwall came crashing, as the snow slowly melted at the vicarage garden. An I knew it to be true! Before its darkside played its tune. Before even the earth, encounted its moon. Stones that failed to wake, lights flashed blue. Calls rang unheard, heard only was dead as the second wave of phonics matchedContinue reading “I Knew It To Be True”